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Rake Kits


Our rake kit is designed to minimize the steering effort by replacing the steering stem with a canted axis steering stem. The new raked steering stem is constructed of billet aircraft grade aluminum. Motor Trike’s patent pending design retains the use of the most critical Honda components including the cast lower fork. This utilizes the reliability and maintain the appearance of the stock components. The rake kit is nearly invisible once installed, and is optimized to provide the best trike steering geometry possible learned over 25 years of experience. The result of Honda’s innovative front suspension combined with Motor Trike’s revolutionary rake kit is the best trike front suspension in the world.

For Motorcycles:

  • Adds longer bagger look
  • Increases frame to fender clearance for larger front wheels
  • No modifications to OEM frame needed
  • Accepts all OEM equipment
  • Maintains stock ride height of the vehicle

For Trikes:

  • Reduces steering effort on trike (acts as power steering for trikes) without eliminating steering feel
  • Reduced effort leads to reduced fatigue on rider, allowing for longer rides
  • Maintains stock ride height of vehicle
  • Accepts all OEM equipment
  • Increases frame to fender clearance for larger front wheels

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